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Project Work Presentation
Using the Japanese they have learned, our students present the results of their work and research through posters, displays and performance. Their varied styles of presentation are well worth seeing. Through these presentations you can deepen your relationships with your classmates, members of other classes and the local community. The presentations are also popular with graduates who have entered universities an colleges as they help to develop seminar presentation skills.
  • Project Work Presentation 1
  • Project Work Presentation 2
  • Project Work Presentation 3
  • Project Work Presentation 4
Visiting Lecturers
We often hear people say, 'I can understand my teacher, but I find ordinary Japanese people difficult to understand.' To help you to comprehend Japanese outside of the classroom, we invite lecturers to visit A.C.C. From 'haiku' to 'health.' From 'Fujinomiya travel' to 'consumer lifestyle.' The appeal of these classes is the wide variety of interesting themes we arrange.
  • Visiting Lecturers Classroom1
  • Visiting Lecturers Classroom2
Speech Contest
Once a year the whole school takes part in a speech contest.
Students write their speeches and take part in qualifiers in class. The best speakers are chosen to enter the main contest. Every year our students astonish the judges as the express their sincere thoughts in fluent Japanese.
  • Speech Contest 1
  • Speech Contest 2
  • Speech Contest 3
  • Speech Contest 4
Local Community
Our students want to communicate with local Japanese people, and the local people also want to interact with our students.
You can teach local school students and people about your country's culture, and you can learn about Japanese lifestyles, culture and traditions. You can use the Japanese you have learned, and enjoy testing your communication skills.
  • Local Community1
  • Local Community2
  • Local Community3
Japanese Cultural Experiences
As you have come to Japan you will want to try the tea ceremony, ikebana, Japanese drums and wearing kimonos. At A.C.C. we arrange activities that allow you to experience the full range of Japanese culture. Through these activities you will be able to appreciate the true heart of Japan.
  • Japanese Cultural Experiences
  • Japanese Cultural Experiences
  • Japanese Cultural Experiences
  • Japanese Cultural Experiences

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