Main course

A.C.C's lessons are full of innovation and ideas

Three Month Semester

1 day has 4 lessons 20-hour week x 3 months(about 10 weeks) = 200 lessons in a semester,
* 4 semesters a year = 800 hours.

Every three months there are exams to check your advancement. You can understand your own learning process and plan your study accordingly.

  • Semester-end exam: Check your study level each semester
  • Personal interview with tutor: One-to-one advice about study and future opportunities
  • Decide next semester's classes: Decide classes based on your aims and requirements

A 'fundamental course' focused on communication,
'level-graded courses' aimed at the JLPT

At A.C.C. a four lesson day has two 'fundamental' and two 'level-graded' classes.
Strengthen your 'expression' and knowledge effectively.

  Fundamental class Level-graded class
Contents Conversation, writing, listening, Japanese affairs Linguistic knowledge, listening, kanji
Aim Using language for expression and communication Grammar, vocabulary, practice exercises
Class Organization By end of semester speaking test Based on students’ requests

Example weekly timetable

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Fundamental class Speaking Writing Listening Japanese Affairs *Elective Class
Level-graded class Grammar *Kanji Vocabulary Comprehension Listening
See links for *Kanji and *Elective Class

What is the Portfolio?

The portfolio is a record of your studies.

What have you studied? What have you achieved?
By keeping detailed records of your Japanese learning, you can look back on your studies and think about your direction. After you leave A.C.C. and begin to study at another place, your instructor can grasp your study history and level at a glance.

The portfolio is a passport to your past and future Japanese language studies. It is an important route map that enables a Japanese language study blueprint and supports your independent learning.

How does A.C.C. teach?

Our teachers teach in Japanese.
Through constant exposure to the language you will develop a natural ear for Japanese.

Our teachers are fun and enthusiastic.
They always devise their lessons to be interesting and fun.

Our teachers are Japanese language education professionals.
In class they always try to assess their students' strengths and provide teaching appropriate to each individual.

Using SSTC to improve kanji skills

SSTC=Small Step Test Clear

The classes are based upon progression.
We break JLPT N5 to N1 levels into small steps. You improve step by step, clearing each stage with a test.

Whether you want to take your time, or advance quickly, by consulting with your teacher you can progress at your own pace.

When you clear all of the steps, you can also attempt the Kanji Proficiency Test (Kanji Kentei.)

For students using Kanji for the first time, we have many ways, such as calligraphy and karuta card games, to help you enjoy studying.

Elective Classes for Exam Preparation and Strengthening Skills

In the fundamental course you have an elective class once a week.
Challenge yourself to prepare for entrance exams and strengthen your weaknesses by choosing contents you unavailable in normal lessons.

Elective class examples

Fundamental grammar
The fundamentals are important. Strengthen your grammar basics through regular reviews.
*EJU entrance exam preparation
Essential to proceed to further education. The more practice you have, the better.
Learn the skills to obtain high scores on the *EJU writing section.
Short Essays
Short essays are essential for entrance exams. Once you learn the skills there is nothing to fear.
Once a week is not enough. The more you understand, the easier it is to learn.
* EJU is the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

The 'special advancement class' takes you to the next level

This class is only for students who meet the requirements and who are chosen by exam results.
Support, compete and aim at better universities  with other chosen students in a higher level class environment.

To enter a top university you need not only good Japanese and English skills, but you also need to cover entrance exam subjects such as mathematics, science and general studies.

After learning to use academic Japanese in the special advancement class your route to a top university will be much shorter.

Example timetable

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1st/2nd periods *EJU Japanese Science or general studies Grammar Kanji Japanese Affairs
3rd/4th periods Mathematics Vocabulary *EJU comprehension Writing
* EJU is the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

Complete Support for Graduate School Entrance

We offer special support for students wishing to enter Japanese graduate schools.

  • How to make appointments with university staff (e-mail and telephone skills)
  • Help with writing research programs ( from data collection and thesis research to submission preparation)
  • Oral examination preparation
  • Resume, personal statement writing instruction
  • Instruction on how to summarize a university graduation thesis from your home country
  • Presentation skill instruction
  • Help with past exam questions

A.C.C. Graduates Advancement Rates and Universities.

A.C.C. graduates have a 90% advancement rate

This year's students went on to:

  • Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • Shizuoka University
  • Chiba University
  • Yokohama National University
  • University of Shizuoka
  • Tokyo University of Science
  • Meiji University
  • Kansai University
  • Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Takushoku University
  • Teikyo University
  • Aichi University
  • Kyushu Sangyo University
  • Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin University
  • Yamanashi Eiwa College
  • Tokiwa University
  • Nihon University
  • Sakushin Gakuin University
  • Daiichi Institute of Technology
  • Japan University of Economics
  • Fukuyama University
  • and more.

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A.C.C. International Culture College  Campus Life

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